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3DT WEB Version updating 2011 BETA
The English name is changed to 3D Tribe Game Software Company 

New updated version:

Updated date:2011.1.12

  Due to the company development and the planning requirement after updating, the English name of this company, which was 3D Tribe Game Artwork Studio, is now replaced by 3D Tribe Game Software Company.

New function and improvement:

 1. This website can support different languages and users can choose any of the four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean;

 2. Service items and terms are more clear and you can find the service items and works related you need in a very short time;

 3.The post at the top of the homepage can provide you the latest news;

 4.Works display is improved and you can understand more works related comprehensively

 5.The insert of FTP promote considerably our communication with costumers;

 6.We add small FLASH game which is developed independently by 3DT in the navigational page, which makes it more interesting.

Specialty of new WEB version page design

  New version WEB page design keeps the main color of 2008 BETA and the improvement makes 2011 BETA more bright and concise

Comparison between navigational pages

Comparison between homepages

   We believe new 3DT WEB 2011 BETA will provide a better service bridge which can promote our communication, display and service. At the same time we will renew and update our web. Your suggestions about new WEB version will be greatly appreciated.

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