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    3DT  is a software company which is devoted to producing game products with
  high quality and standard.

   3D Tribe Game Software Company, founded in 2008, with headquarters in Shanghai, is a supplier
for games outsourcing production which is made up of experienced and professional members.We provide professional game development service including not only total cooperation model of subcontract, but also multi-cooperation models such as co-development, agent development, etc.
  The core business of 3DT includes games outsourcing and development and production of 2D, 3D visual games. The related technology includes development platforms, such as PC, TV, telephones and online games. At the beginning of 2008, Shanghai Tribe co-worked with many foreign famous companie-
s such as Tencent, Ubisoft, NetDragon Web to provide visual solutions for costumers about developmen-
t and outsourcing production of some large-scale games.
  The main members of 3DT have working experience in famous games companies in the world and have been undertaking AAA games development of different game platforms. They have professional ma-nagement ability and strong technology research strength and familiar with the whole process and relate-
d tools. 3DT adopts the working process of “flatness of elites” and produces a part or the whole game ac-cording to customers’ requirement.

   3DT is not only an outsourcing supplier, but a partner .We provide no matter which top-quality game programme products or being planned game programme products in our company here. Thus, you can f-ind high-quality and economical game development programme or game scheme here. We can create more value for our customers or clients based upon need. It has bees recognized and praised for sever-
al times due to the high quality products and perfect after-sale service during the cooperation with other customers.



As a supplier for outsourcing service, Shanghai Tribe regards the success of customers as the highest honor and provides the most human service, top quality, efficient communication, perfect management
and high quality after-sale service for every customer to help every customers make great achievements
in different world markets


·To join in the CP of Tetent in 2009;
·To start the relationship of cooperation with NetDragon Web company, and win the honor of 2008’s
best supplier in 2008

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