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Interpretation of Game Development Skills and Game Industry Trends
Seminar jointly held by 3DT and Shanghai Normal University

Kevin Lu Shanghai, 2008.05.27:

  3DT has successfully opened a seminar on game development skills in the No.1 Hall of Shanghai Normal University.

   The seminar, from its preparation and planning to final implementation, has got full recognition and support from the teachers and professors of Shanghai Normal University. A great many students enjoyed the lecture. In more than an hour's lecture, 3D TRIBE GAME extracted as much as possible the essence of the current game production process, and briefly conveyed to students at present. The whole lecturing process was substantial, deepening layer upon layer from a whole of the game development; with the focus on the importance of game art designing and its production skills. The integrity of the entire lecture was very strong, so the students and teachers were all motivated to it. What's more, The form of lecture presented from large to small topics, and from brief to detail description, which has been generally approved of by the teachers and students in attendance.

   It was worth mentioning that the speaker of this lecture was Mr. Wang Shuo, the former UBISoft staff, who has many years' experience in game production. In the whole lecture, Mr. Wang has given a very detailed description of the current trends in game development and game production technology, which have produced a very thorough understanding for students on game production. Since the majority of the students here were majoring in film and television animation, Mr. Wang has done full preparations for this lecture. He made detailed explanation on the similarity of and distinction between animation and game, which not only took full consideration on the practical needs of students, but also made this lecture srtongly targeted. The students all have better understood the future employment trends of their majors and the orientation of their own development. The entire seminar has been scheduled by Mr. Wang with very artful lecture process. From game development and production in the early times to the use of next-gen technology in the present time, Mr. Wang discussed and explained the knowledge points and cases one by one, attached with highly targeted video at each point, which let students know better what he talked about, what he did, and what they watched. This all-round and multi-angle presentation was very similar to other courses students studied at school, and better reflected Mr Wang's elaborate preparation on this lecture, of which the ultimate goal is to enable students make maximum absorption of the preliminary concepts on the entire game development and production. Therefore, many students repeatedly praised after the lecture. This novel lecture mode, fully agreeable to the taste of the students, greatly revealed the unique characteristics of 3D TRIBE GAME, and once again evidenced 3D TRIBE GAME's recognition to potential talents for future game production.

Here is my general and rough record on this lecture, which will be divided into three parts as follows:

   1. The type of game and game diversity (broadly describes the previous classification of current game market dynamics);

2.The production process of an overall game: roughly divided into 6 small parts (1. Game planning; 2.1 Engine development; 2.2 Art productions; 2.3 Music production; 3. Game test 4 Game release), of which Wang was also quite humanistic to divide the proportion in the genuine game, so that students could better understand the conditions required in the whole game development;

  3. The emphasis was laid on art production which is closely related with the majors and needs of the students. On the division of art production Mr. Wang made a detailed explanation. First, the main division was into two large parts: 2D design of the original painting, and 3D game design. 2D game design is again divided into two small parts (1. Character design 2. Scene design); 3D game design into four small parts (1. 3D Scene Design 2. 3D Object Design 3. 3D Character Design 4. Animation production). Then the a certain degree of explanation has been made on game interface design, animation design, special effects production, system optimization, and on art designing, the main force in the game production, Mr. Wang has made rich and vivid presentation;

The following is general record on art designing, the most important thing in this lecture:

   Several branches of art designing have already been mentioned above, after that Mr. Wang made further explanation on each small branch, final provided the most essential part as I personally thought: the 3D art designing. First he took out previous chartless model of small size to illustrate the request of the early games for hand-painting ability, then took out the normal chartlets with next-gen new technology in recent years, which has well illustrated why the game, under the precondition of saving resources, could also guarantee high-quality picture. Among these chartlets were the roles, props and scenes he had made by himself, which fully displayed the power of normal chartlets, and the renewed development of game technology. Later he introduced a software Zbrush in production of a sub-category chartlets. One of the Zbrush operating video presented has greatly amazed all the guests. Then he opened the engine again, and further elaborated the next-gen effect would make the game unrivalled. Finally a video of a game with the top technology at present was shown to make final confirmation of Mr. Wang's all lecture contents. It can be said in just more than an hour's lecture; Mr. Wang Shuo has made very detailed explanation on every aspect of knowledge related in this field, which brought different harvests to the students. Personally speaking, I think this lecture of 3D TRIBE GAME in Shanghai Normal University is extremely excellent, hope we could have another opportunity to listen such lectures. Finally, many thanks to the teachers, professors, and students in Shanghai Normal University who expressed their support and love to this lecture

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