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Shuo . Wang CEO

  With 8 years’ experience, Shuo Wang had worked in IS, UBISOFT as an important leader, during which he participated the production of international AAA games such as END WAR, SPLINTER CALL 4, BROTHERS IN ARMS 3, RAYMAN4, KILLER CLANS 2, A CAVALRY OF GOD M2 and ZILL O’LL OF GLAURIOUS COMPANY.

With rich experience of development and production, he has led the team of Shanghai Tribe to complete many projects of famous game companies in the world.


Yalin . Liu Project Manager

With 7 years’ experience, Yalin Liu had worked in IS, UBISOFT as an important leader, during which she successfully produced international AAA games such as END WAR, different versions of BROTHERS IN ARMS 3, ZILL O’LL and other projects in Europe and America. With rich experience on LEVEL production and integration and multi-platform transplant, she is in charge of communication and consult with customer as a project manager.

Haiting . Wang Technical Manager

Haiting Wang had worked in UBISOFT, during which he was in charge of technical and interface and made great achievements with unique eye sights. And he is in charge of high-new technology development and process interface and plugin editing as a technical manager.


Lory . Wang HR Senior Consultant

Lory wang,worked in vastsea, many years human resources and training experience focus on Internet , had for the domestic first-class enterprise such as tencent, amazon, the dianping.com, Crytek, DeNA, Wanda anime research providing human resources service.



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